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i promise twilight essay tomorrow...it has taken me a while to work up to writing again...laaaazzzy me. :D
hokay, taking a break from my thesis cause i was getting overly stressed about it. and nothing's better for a little stress relief like some good old fashioned objectification of men. that's right, i bring to you my small ode...to jensen ackles.

deep fried southern man meatCollapse )

i am a sad sad person....

my brain is leaking through my ears

you know, all day long, i think deep and philosophical thoughts, and i think "hey, this would make a pretty good lj post." and then when i come here to actually write one, i can't remember what the hell i was thinking about...sigh. maybe they are not that great of revelations anyway, but better than always posting about how i have nothing to say.

it had something to do with japanese history in relation to today...

well, i am reading about heian marriage practices and it made me wonder how much has really changed. i mean, yes people do take part in monogamous marriages, but i think there is still this werid thing that people (read: MEN) have in their minds that the person they marry will soon no longer have sexual attraction and they have to go boink someone else. like, marriages are just for kids and stability, and passion comes from somewhere else. i think it is just cause people don't want to do the work. passion is easy enough when it is someone you don't know. to make it work with someone who's weird habits you know is probably harder, but sheesh, is it impossible? is it possible to stay happy in a marriage, if you just do the proper work?

ok, so i did have something to say but it wasn't the ORIGINAL thing...

we meditated in class today...it would have been cool had i not been so freaking tired that i almost feel asleep

and also, she gave the same lecture about no self and that the self is like being an actor that my other teacher gave yesterday in a different class...i almost cried...

the GRE looms ever closer

stuff and things

i am working on a letter to je fangirls...we shall see when it is done with the gre coming up and all, but i am amused by it so far. i have to get all my thoughts about them in order before i can finish it, but yay!

also, i just learned that my dad and kame have the same birthday, so happy birthday to them.

can school end now? i am ready for summer, and no more stresssssss...once my thesis is done i will be better, but I AM NOT FINDING THE SOURCES I NEEDS! seriously, american japanese scholars, TRANSLATE MORE! BE NICE TO MEEE!

I hate thinking up subject headings

ZOMG, I actually started research for my thesis! And it is so super interesting. I found this perfect article that traces the reasons why Chushingura has remained such an important story in Japan. Trust me it is cool. Just go with the history nerdyness.

And then I studied for GRE, and I should study Japanese but...does watching drama count? May, I am currently downloading the first episode of Yamada Tarou, so yay!

Tralala...I will try and do more stuff, so that I can have more stuff to write about...but at the mo' I don't, so stare at Gir dancing...

Plz to be doing meme k thnx bye

1) What would you prefer I call you?
A. Elvira, Mistress of the Night...or Rachel works...

2) Age (or range):
A. 21 going on 3...I swear, I laughed really hard at someone saying "do do" the other day, because it sounds like--do I really need to explain?

3) What was your dream growing up? What about now?
A.I wanted to be an archaeologist. That dream was then subsequently crushed by the apparent need for "math" and "science" in such a career. Fascists, all of them...
Now, I wanna just get through this year without throwing myself in front of the buff bus...and thence to grad school where I will learn to be an awesome librarian, and to be fluent in Japanese. Then my friends and I will have our awesome talk show and I will write a best selling novel, and never want for anything. But I don't have dreams, or anything...

3) What talent do you wish you had?
A. To make people laugh at whatever I said...

4) If I bought you a drink what would it be?

5) How would that ^ change if it was to be an alcoholic drink?
A. I'm a lame ass so probably like a Mike's Hard Lemonade, or something girly and bubbly...and then I would be dead to the world after, oh, a few sips

6) Favorite type of cuisine?
A. ALL. <----amen, sistah

7) Do you like to read? If so, what and what was the last thing you read?
A. I LOBE to read! (and no, that is not a typo). hence my career path of choice. The last thing I read that wasn't for school was "The Silver Kiss", which was a delightful young adult yarn about vampires. I try to keep my reading fare light during the school year as the last book I finished for that was "Ruins of Idenity: Ethnogenesis in Japan." So as you can imagine, moving on to something like "Crime and Punishment" after that would be a little brain addling.

8) What zodiac sign are you? What about for Chinese astrology?
A. I'm a crab and a tiger..rrrower...so don't mess with me!

9) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.
A. Two piercings in each ear...i want to get more in my ears, but I am lazy and broke.

10) Any pets?
A. One giant loveable doggie named Liam, who gets surprised by his own farts...IT'S HILARIOUS...

11) If we were to ever meet in RL, what would you do?
A. I know everyone here in RL, as it were, so probably just be like "yo"

12) What is your favorite thing to do on lazy days?

13) Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude?
A. I am a negative optimist. I tend to hope big, but never expect it to work...

14) Favorite TV show?
A. Avatar and Supernatural are the only ones I watch on a regular basis anymore...or at least used to *sobs*

15) Worst Recent bad thing to happen to you?
A. Mom got in a car crash and step dad got very ill...but both are fine now

16) Student? Or current occupation?
A. Undergraduate Student

17) Favorite #?
A. 2, cause that is my birthday...brilliant, huh?

18) Most memorable dream/nightmare.
A. Most of my dreams are pretty memorable, on account of being totally and completely whacked out...just ask me in person if you must know...

20) Something you don't like to admit about yourself.
A. That I get upset like a little bitch at the tiniest things, and expect everyone to get it.

21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?

22) If you had to describe yourself in five words, what would they be?
A. Short, neurotic, silly, and stuff...

23) Bottle or can pop?
A. I veto soda, so probably a bottle...OF DELICIOUS TEA!

24) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
A. Fund my trip to Japan and give the rest to my parents.<---same here, only put a small amount towards grad school as well

25) What's your favorite place to hang at?
A. My house.

26) Do you believe in fate/destiny?
A. Get back to me in...80 years

27) Latest obsessions/hobbies.

28) Do you swear a lot?
A. Fuck yeah.

29) Biggest pet peeve?
A. Hypocrites! I HATE THEM! GAAAAH!

30) How bored were you to make it through all this?
A.I can't sleep :(

This is also the most adorable, nerdy thing I have seen in a while...someone proposed to his girlfriend via lolcats, and she answered!

bah bah and bah again

So stuck in Denver cause mom doesn't want to drive, because she is afraid it will snow harder. I understand that she is scared since the accident, but now if I want to get to school I have to wake up when she does...which is freakishly early! weeee...

This is my inagural post in hopes of posting more frequently...hopefully it will not always be my complaining, but I am grumpy darn it, and my large pile of homework, and lack of new drama to watch is not making things better.

my house is making funny noises

it is really unnerving being home alone sometimes. i think ever noise is a murderer coming to hack me to bits. but it usually turns out to be the furnace out the house settling. is it weird that i put my scissors by my bed just in case?

i study sooo much for japanese, but in the end it doesn't feel like i have studied at all. school hates me, but i love it, so why can't we be friends? WHYYYYY??

also, i really wanna go see eagle vs. shark, but i just know that it wont be released here. poo.

currently reading: miss wonderful by loretta chase. yes, a romance novel, but i needed something that was guarenteed fun to read after the dissapointment of tam lin.

i also have been having many a plot bunny for various stories, but no time/energy to write. damn you brain..


hokay, so here are my thoughts on japanese so far:

i am so glad to be taking it. it is oodles of fun, and i feel like i have finally found something that i fit in doing, sort of in addition to all the other carrer things i have figured out. that is such a relief considering that was one of my biggest fears, being left behind while al my friends had these amazing jobs. however, i am scared that i will not be good at it. my experience with language in the past was not so hot, in that i wasn;t good, not just the teacher, and in studying tonight, i don't know if i worked hard enough, cause i get frustrated. but i'll do my best! w00t!

and my awesome fall! see the problem is that now i will have nothging to tell you guys in person... i was walking down the stairs in the umc, off in happy lala land, and managed to miss a step...before i knew it i was sprawled across the umc floor, my ipod just out of reach of my hands and my glasses askew. both my knee and my dignity were hurt, especially as about five people were there to witness my spectacular swan dive down the stairs. i kind of snapped at everyone that i was fine, which i feel bad about, but i was uber embarrassed...i did manage to lagugh at myself later, and be glad that i tripped on the last few steps, rahter than the first. somehow, i don't think japanese would have been as much fun with a cuncussion...or a brokeb neck..

wow, long...hokay, ta

omg...a post!

well, at the behest of may, i am posting...but all i really have to say, is that finals suck...especially after you have already taken finals for the main year...boo...but japanese starts on monday, so that should be fun...yesss...