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oh, lonely moon...

stole this from drygau_sfs cause it looked fun!

Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

Good Morning Little School Girl
Thank you for the days
The snowflakes dance down the tree-lined street (or: 偽りはない 虚飾などない)
Heaven, I'm in heaven
Two of us riding nowhere
I've tried before to tell her

Well you say that you like me but you don't "like" like me
There used to be a lot of things that I didn't know
If you ain't reggae for it, funk out
I need you to keep me straight
The chiselers is desperate

When we arrive sons and daughters
Don't call me rich don't call me george
Ten years ago on a cold dark night
Come single belle and beau
I just want to take you away from everyone

The word real is defined
I can hear her heartbeat from a thousand miles
Our little army boy
I'm an expert on her cause I see her everyday
In a me yard


no sense making...BUT IT'S ART!
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i am lazy, so it's all romanji! yay!

again blatantly copying may...this will be a yearly list, with just this one incorporating dramas years yeah, this is stuff i have read and watched for 2008, with some exceptions in drama and anime going back farther. :D

dramas and stuff ahoy!

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all of these have explanations as to why they get a certain amount of stars, and maybe one day i will explain...but that day is not today. XD

why do i do this anyway? cataloging practice maybe?
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i'll watch cheesetastic anime on my own, thanks

so here is my first post, but i'll get to more about hawaii later. i wanted to spiel about the anime club meeting i went to.

first of all, no one really tried to get the group going, so it was all these people sitting in their little friend groups with like 2 new people (myself included) kind of just hovering, not really knowing what the hell was going on cause no one explained. i mean, i guess an anime club is kind of straight forward, but, i want answers people!

then, the president of the club, ho had the keys to the whole "watching your anime" system, shows up late, says breathlessly "i'm on a mission," throws his crap at the guy who i assume is the vp, promises to be back in an hour, then rushes away. he is never heard from again.

then to voting for what we would be watching for fridays. this is where i started to doubt this club's awesome geek paradiseness. first of all, no one got very excited about anything they were voting for. i mean, there were some "this is an interesting show," or "the first season of this scared away half the club last semester," but no jumping up and down with unadulterated glee and shrieking with delight "THIS IS THE GREATEST SERIES EVER! OMGILOVEITLIKEWHOA" or even people being excited to see something new. they were too serious. half the fun of being a fan is getting all frothy at the mouth over your fandom with other people. i can't really explain this well, cause i could tell that they are really into it, but they didn't seem very excited...

also, some of them had rather caustic attitudes. this one guy talked a lot, and everything he said seemed to be patronizing, or just plain mean. the vp guy was annoying in a shifty way, i'll grant that, but this patronizing guy would be really nasty to his face, and not in a joking way. maybe i am overly sensitive, but that doesn't make for a very welcoming environment.

and then the violence factor. i have no problem with violence if it is pushing forward a plot. v for vendetta is quite violent, but there is a reason, and the violence doesn't cross the line of so much that you can't even handle it. but a lot of the ones that people were voting for were apparently "all violence and nothing else" including one that apparently had several scenes of women being tortured. i guess i don't like being at the mercy of other people's watching habits, as there is some weird ass anime out there, and some of it was being voted on. it's just like when i choose movies or books. plot is your friend, and if it's not there, then quelle est le point?

so yeah...don't know if i am going back next week!

or maybe i just complain too much...

EDIT: sorry about all the spelling mistakes...i had them fixed but then the web pooped out, and i guess they came a horrible grammar plague
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Writer's Block: Some words to live by...

What words do you find wise enough to live by?

"Murdered by pirates is good"-The Princess Bride

"When life gives you lemons, say 'oh yeah, I like lemons, what else you got?'"-Henry Rollins

"I wanna live til I die--no more, no less"--Eddie Izzard

In response to the question what's the best thing in life: "Good dentistry and soft toilet paper"--Cohen the Barbarian
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you'll never take me alive, meyers...NEVER!

i think that i have been so reluctant to write my twilight essay because all of it, fault and otherwise, have been discussed to death by everyone. it is an addictive crack book, that once it has you in its clutches will NEVER LET GO UNITL IT HAS SUCKED YOU DRY OF ALL OF YOUR MONEY TIME AND EFFORT! but the most of the faults of the book i can now forgive as a product of fancy and ultimate cheestastic badness.

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i hope that all this made sense. it was kind of mental diarrhea and i don't really want to go back and fixy because, hell, it's summer break. so i grade myself A++++ for this essay, and yeah...go me.